Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'mm bacckkkkkkkk

Dear readers/family members/friends/strangers/ISA (i hear they're reading ppls blogs now)

Welcome to my blog =D just to let you know i had a blog (with the same name n layout) very long ago, but after the initial enthu stage my blog died =S n i deleted it cause some 'great' friends of mine hacked it n post my pics on it =.=

Anyways to follow a friend of mine, i shall begin my blog by listing the reasons why i am blogging:

1. i am bored, n i dun feel like studying yet
2. i am in overseas (liverpool to be exact) n this shall be my way of letting my friends know that i'm still alive n having a great time here in uk.
3. er.... uhh....


ok its mainly cause i'm just bored, should be a good enough reason right!
oh yeah n the other stuff he mentioned. =D